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Allmax Nutrition TribX 90 750mg 90 Caps

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Allmax Nutrition TribX90 Test Booster 750mg

While other Tribulus Products Give you 45%, TribX90 gives you 90%!

Allmax Nutrition TribX 90 is scientifically formulated to naturally increase test levels. Test is a male hormone responsible for increasing lean muscle, increasing metabolism, and supporting a healthy sex drive. The primary ingredient in TribX 90 is Tribulus Terrestris. Many athletes supplement with Tribulus because it’s a safe alternative to unapproved substances, but still offers remarkable results for strength. Whether you need help in the gym or the bedroom, Tribulus can help you attain your goals.

Why is it Called TribX90?

Because it contains 90% FURASTANOLIC SAPONINS. Each capsule contains a minimum of 90% Saponins – Double that of other Tribulus products.

100% pure Bulgarian Species Tribulus Terrestris!

TribX90 Benefits

  • Increased Libido
  • Naturally Increases Test Levels
  • Improved Stamina
  • Increased Strength and Energy
  • Safe for Males and Females

Directions / Dosage - When to Take TribX90

Take 2 capsules per day. With or without food. One bottle will last you 45 days. Can be used by regular healthy people or athletes!

Recommended Dosage: Users take them in the morning on non-workout days and pre-workout on workout days.

Ingredients / Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Servings Per Container: 90

Amount Per Serving

Tribulus Terrestris 750mg

(Providing 90% [675 Mg] Furastanolic Saponins Such As Protodioscins, Diosgenins, Flavonoids, And Alkaloids)

Side Effects & Warnings

For adult use only. Do not use if you have high blood pressure or other cardiovascular conditions. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing.

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Jayde K.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Age? 18
  • Who would you recommend this product to? Those interested in health, fitness/looking to increase libido

Great product, no side effects as of yet. Almost half way through the tub now and will definitely be reordering again. Have personally since noticed an improvement in sleep, waking up most days before my alarm, less lethargic almost most days even with out my pre workout. No increase in lean body mass, has generally stayed around the same but have noticed a slight increase in metabolism and slight decrease in body fat percentage within a couple weeks, which is a bonus! Faster recovery. Looking forward to carrying on with this product. As always, loving BPN supplements!!!

Anthony R.
United States
  • Who would you recommend this product to? Anyone wanting to maximize gym time, muscle synthesis,and vitality.
  • Age? 37
Do your research!

I have been using this product for years. With all the products that say they boost your free flowing testosterone, it means nothing without being able to pull it from your blood stream except, increased estrogen conversion and DHT. Most tribulus products have a 40 to 45 max purity level. See why adding this product with a 90% purity harvested during peak growing times maximizes the production of a key hormone that aids in pulling that free flowing testosterone from your bloodstream into your muscles.

My fiance liked it and so did I

My fiance got this for himself and I would have never imagine that I would be affected by it. Not that we have trouble with our *** drive, but this seemed to give him and extra boost and I played my part. I didn't hear him complain or say anything about it other than how it helped his desire for me. I actually think I heard him say that he would get it again just because of that. Weird how something so subtle helped us so much.

Increased *** drive was worth it

My goal was muscle building, but what ended up being better with this was the increased *** drive. I was very ambitious when it came to my fiance during this period. The gym was about the same though and I didn't really see any results as far as muscle building and/or fat loss. This could be due to the fact that I am 24 years old and have a naturally high amount of testosterone already. Who knows though. It was worth it either way. I will try again when I am older.

Good to add into stack and pct

Good Tribx product for price, good for libido and wellness throughout the day, in terms of muscle building definitely better products out there but then again it is tribulus. good for natural though.

i will definetally buy it again

it's a very good and cheap product and also it's the most potent Tribulus Terrestris on the market you cannot compare this with optimum nutrition one and some others because this product it's ages in front of the other ones...and it comes in 90 caps so 3 months that this product it will last...if you do want to take a tribullus terrestris you cannot grab another tribullus unless this one..this product haves an concentration of 90% esteroidial saponines you just can't go to search for any other better than this because for it's price you won't find anything else better that this one!

good but not the cheapest

This Tribx is a pretty good test booster. It is really no better than any other test booster, and will not give that much benefit to those of you that are not very old. If you are below about 25 years old, it will not benefit you much. However, it will really help those of you who are over 25 years old. I am not sure why a woman would want to take this, but it is also available and safe for women to take. I like Allmax, and this is one of their good products.

test boost with tribx

Great product to increase free testosterone and increase performance in gym. Great stacked with dhea and arginine


Otimo produto

Good product

Good mental focus with only one TribX 90 tablet taken daily, no anger or aggression issues. Did notice an increase in acne. No real strength increase as of yet.

TribX does as it says

Does as it says. Good strength increase INCREASE in *** drive!!! Good pump in the gym Did I mention an increase in *** drive???

Great product

In the first week of taking TribX 90, I noticed muscles getting harder and strength increase would recommend to anyone looking to increase in size great product have re-bought many times

Good ****!

TribX is good if u wanna add some muscle!

gives a good pump

good price, gives a good pump, could last longer


TribX90 works very well for me. I can feel more confidence and have more of a positive attitude when taking it. I take 2 capsules per day before breakfast. This product is also not too expensive which is nice. Def recommend for guys in the upper ages.

makes me hungry. and bloated. .

No more energy.than usual. Not really worth it.didn't really make me harder...

better then I expected

Noticing more stength and more energy during the day at work so I would definately reccomend to everyone. Ive been taking 2 in the morning but does make me a little aggressive so might try 1 am and 1 pm

It really works!

I was a bit skeptical at first regarding the effects of TribX90, but after about a week of taking it I wasn't the only one that could tell a difference! It definitely increased my drive in the bedroom. I felt a little stronger in the gym too. Felt like I was 17 again. I stick with this product during cycles and during PCT. If you're a man over the age of 30, this is a must have in your supplement stack

Good product

I brought Tribx for my uncle who had low labido and low energy. At first he wasnt quite sure about this product. The product helped with stamina throughout the day. However, if you take two at pills at a time it can make you too agressive and hyper. I would def recomend this product.

Great results.

Huge increase in libido.

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