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The New Dexaprine XR (2 Month Supply!)

The ALL-DAY Thermogenic Fat-Burning Powerhouse

This new formulation guarantees you to keep to burning more fat while you're training hard to gain even more muscle.


What are the Benefits?

  • 7-8 hours of energy from 1 pill
  • Blast hunger pains and reduce craving
  • Take 1 pill per day and the bottle lasts 2 months
  • Can be taken by men and women

So what's the Difference?

Neither V2 or XR have DMAA, which the original had. These two products actually have the same quality ingredients. The only difference is that the ratios and percentages have been fine tuned in the new XR version for even more fat burning.

They did this because of the demands of athletes and bodybuilders. Most products on the market require you to take 3-4 capsules to get any fat burning effects. With Dexaprine XR, you only need to take 1 pill to start the fat burning process.

Want more details...ok!

Now let’s go on to the itty bitty details. V2 had a proprietary blend of the same ingredients at 830 milligrams per caplet. Even with the reduced dosage from the original Dexaprine, V2 still packed a wallop. XR on the other hand is just 645 milligrams per caplet. The subtle change comes from concentrating several ingredients such as Green Tea, Acacia Rigidula, Citrus Aurantium and Rauwolfia Serpentina. Each dose has been streamlined for an effective delivery of fat burning ingredients into your body!

Ingredient Breakdown - Tri-Phase Ignition System 645mg

Mood Enhancement Formula

Acacia Rigidula Extract (98%) – Stimulates the pituitary gland to produce great fat burning hormones like Epinephrine also known as adrenaline, norepinephrine also known as noradrenaline, dopamine and several other catecholamines. These hormones have a profound effect on Beta-receptors that are responsible for fat breakdown, metabolic rate and appetite suppression.

Citrus Aurantium (30%) – Also known as bitter orange. It contains a lot of biochemicals such as Synephrine. Alone, it does have thermogenic effects but the real power of the Citrus Aurantium is being paired or grouped with several other fat burners such as the ingredients in XR.

Energy Complex

Caffeine Anhydrous – A staple in most fat burners. It’s natural, effective and powerful enough. Some people don’t like it that much because of the jitters. However, maintaining a caffeine free diet with Dexaprine XR will maximize benefits.

Green Tea Extract (Theophylline) – Contains antioxidants and other beneficial biochemicals. However, Theophylline is a powerful fat burner by increasing lipid oxidation without the metabolic overload.

Alpha-2 Activation Complex

Rauwolfia Serpentine (Rauwolscine) – A close relative of Yohimbine with lesser side effects. Activates key Alpha 2 adrenergic receptors that help with fat burning.

Isopropyloctopamine (Betaphrine) – It’s a fat burner or Lipolytic agent. There aren’t enough details yet but it’s a promising ingredient


As a dietary supplement, take 1 caplet on an empty stomach before breakfast. If you want extreme results, take 1 caplet on an empty stomach before breakfast and then another caplet 6-8 hours later. Do not exceed 2 caplets per day.

Beginners - Many customers choose to break the tablets in 1/2 to access their tolerance.

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