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Now Foods Citric Acid 1 Lb

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NOW Citric Acid 1lb

Citric Acid is found in citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, and grapefruits. Preservatives have a number of important uses pertaining to sprouting. They are a natural preservative that helps reduce spoilage in sprouting, limit discoloration, and help with canning vegetable and fruit preservatives. Another important benefit is that citric acid inhibits mold and bacterial growth during sprouting, protecting against humidty and high temperatures. NOW Citric Acid may also be used as a salt substitute.

NOW Citric Acid 1lb Benefits

• Reduces Spoilage

• Inhibits Mold Growth

• Salt Substitute

• Natural Preservative

• Vegan/Vegetarian


Reduce spoilage in sprouting by adding 1 tsp. per quart to soak and rinse water.

Use 1 tsp. per quart of water or juice for most fruits and vegetables.


Pure Citric Acid

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