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WARD Asylum Smelling Salt Refillable Bottle + Salt Packet

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WARD Asylum Smelling Salt Refillable Bottle + Salt Packet

Smelling Salts are popular among Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, and Athletes, they're usually made of ammonia and have a very strong smell which can help remedy fainting and which is often used by powerlifters just prior to doing a heavy lift. This all new Asylum Smelling Salt from Ward hits even harder than previous versions and comes in a refillable metal bottle which is both more cost effective, more ecofriendly, and this container has a unique rubber gasket which increases the life of every refill you buy!

WARD Asylum Smelling Salt Product Highlights & Benefits

  • Even More Powerful Than Previous Versions of Ward Smelling Salts
  • Cost Effective Refillable Packets
  • Stainless Steel Container is More Ecofriendly and More Durable
  • This Container Has a Unique Gasket to Preserve the Life of Refills


Rinse and dry bottle. Pour refill pack into bottle including the cotton ball. Add  teaspoon of water. Close lid and shake well. You can now uncap and sniff. Activate a refill just once per packet/bottle. 

WARD Asylum Smelling Salt Refillable Bottle + Salt Packet Ingredients

Sodium Carbonate and Ammonium Chloride

Warnings & Side Effects

Keep away from children. Do not use if you are allergic or pregnant. Keep at least 6 inches away from nose. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. 


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