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Ward Smelling Salts Bottled Insanity XL

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Ward Smelling Salts Bottled Insanity XL

Smelling Salts have been used as a medicinal tool going back to the 13th century, and are often used as a fainting remedy. Smelling Salts are typically a chemical, usually ammonia, that has a strong smell and when put under the nose the sharp smell causes people to either wake up or become extremely alert which is why it's commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes. We've tried a number of smelling salts from a variety of brands and Ward Smelling Salts Bottled Insanity is one of the most intense we've tried to date. If you're in the market for smelling salts grab yourself a bottle of Ward Bottled Insanity, it's like nothing you've ever experienced before. 

Ward Smelling Salts Bottled Insanity XL Highlights & Benefits

  • Smelling Salts Provide Immediate Energy & Focus
  • Smelling Salts are Used to Arouse Consciousness
  • Adds Air to the Lungs & Helps Oxygen Flow Quicker to the Brain
  • Helps You Breathe Faster & Stay More Alert
  • Bottled Insanity is The Most Intense Smelling Salt We've Tried!

Watch Joe Rogan & Theo Vonn Try Out Smelling Salts

Who Should Use Smelling Salts?

  • Bodybuilders
  • Powerlifters
  • Hockey & Football Players
  • Crossfit Athletes


Remove the lid and add 1 teaspoon of water. Close lid and shake for 10 seconds. Let rest for 5 minutes, then uncap and sniff. Keep the lid tightly sealed when not in use and only activate the bottle once per bottle. 

Ward Smelling Salts Bottled Insanity XL Ingredients & Label

Sodium Carbonate, Ammonium Chloride.

Warnings & Side Effects

Smelling salts may cause coughing, difficulty breathing, headache, vomiting, or diarrhea. Only activate once per bottle. 


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