Purus Labs Announces BHB Energy Keto Supplement

Purus Labs Announces BHB Energy Keto Supplement

Purus Labs Announces New Keto Supplement: BHB Energy

The popular supplement brand, Purus Labs, has announced their new, Keto friendly product: BHB Energy!! Purus Labs BHB Energy combines BHB Ketones & caffeine to provide you with ultra-increased energy.

What's in BHB Energy???

Purus Labs formulated this product specifically to set themselves apart from most other popular amino acid plus energy products, which fill their formulas with glucogenic amino acids & when used throughout the day, *may completely kick your body out of Ketosis.* BHB Energy on the other hand, is specially formulated for folks following the Keto diet. Its formula contains zero glucogenic aminos, 5x essential electrolytes & promotes mental acuity & hydration.

What is purus labs???

Purus labs is a widely-known supplement company. Their formulas are systematically thought up from science & research completed by licensed scientists & Athletes. Although BHB Energy is currently *only* being sold on Purus Labs website, it will be coming to many retailers, possibly including best price nutrition *fingers crossed* in coming weeks!! In the meantime, if you want to take a peek at other purus labs products we *do* currently have in stock, feel free to take a gander below!!

May 20th 2023

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