REPP Sports Whey+ Gets a New Flavor

REPP Sports Whey+ Gets a New Flavor
REPP Sports Whey+ Peanut Butter Cup

REPP Sports Whey+ Protein Powder is getting a new flavor, and this will be the first new flavor the brand has put out in a number of years. The all new flavor is a Classic Peanut Butter Cup flavor. For those not familiar with Whey+ it's a fast acting protein powder that packs 21 grams of a high quality whey protein blend with a fairly lean 130 calories. This is one of the better tasting proteins on the market with a great texture as well. 

We currently carry Whey+ in four tasty flavors including Choco-Hoo, Tropic O's, Vanilla Waffle Cone, and my persona favorite Funnel Cake. The all new Peanut Butter Cup flavor will be a wecome addition to all the Peanut Butter Lovers out there. This is the first new flavor REPP Sports has rolled out in this product since way back in 2018.

The all new Peanut Butter Cup Whey+ hasn't yet dropped on the REPP Sports website at the time of this writing, however it should be dropping later this week and we're hoping to bring it in. You can checkout our offering of REPP Sports Whey+ proteins down below...

REPP Sports Whey + Premium Protein 2lb


REPP Sports Whey + Premium Protein 2lb | 3 Protein Blend REPP Sports Whey+ is a tasty three protein blend of fast and slow digesting proteins to support muscle growth and muscle recovery. REPP Sports Whey+ Product Features Tasty Gourmet Flavors 21 Grams of Protein Per Scoop Includes Fast & Slow Digesting Proteins Lessens Post Workout Soreness What is a Fast Digesting Protein vs a Slow Digesting Protein? A fast digesting protein is a protein which is typically digested within 1-2 hours. These inc ...

May 20th 2023

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