Smart Sweets All New "SourMelon Bites" Just Announced

Smart Sweets All New "SourMelon Bites" Just Announced

Last year we brought in Smart Sweets, a deliciously tasty fiber infused and low sugar Gummy Candy alternative, and it's become a favorite among our customers, as well as those of us around the office and warehouse here. 

Earlier this week the brand began teasing an all new gummy candy coming soon. While it's not yet publicly available as of yet, the brand has leaked the all new flavor to their email subscribers. The all new Smart Sweets Candy is a Sourmelon Bites candy which is Smart Sweets take on the traditional sour watermelon gummy candy, these ones however having 91% less sugar.

While these haven't been publicly announced or released for sale as of yet, they should be dropping very soon and we'll definitely be bringing these in. Stay tuned for more info and in the meantime, if you'd like to checkout our current Smart Sweets offerings including Sweet Fish, Sour Gummies, Peach Rings, the new Sweet Chews, and more, you can do so below...

Smart, Sweets 12/Box


All New Sourmelon Bites flavor Coming Soon!!!

May 20th 2023

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