Smart Sweets Drops a Jolly Rancher Inspired Hard Candy

Smart Sweets Drops a Jolly Rancher Inspired Hard Candy
Smart Sweets Jolly Gems

Smart Sweets is a functional food brand who makes gummy and fruity candies, but with 83% less sugar than typical candy. We brought this brand in a few years back and it quickly became a favorite among our customers, and those of us around the office. Over the last two years Smart Sweets has really expanded their brand, it started with typical gummy bears but quickly expanded into Smart Sweets take on Swedish Fish, Sour Gummy Worms, Peach Rings, Starburst, and even Sweet Chews, Smart Sweets take on Starburst. 

Well we've recently learned of an all new candy functional food product from Smart Sweets which is their spin on Jolly Ranchers. The all new candy is called Jolly Gems. Jolly Gems will feature only a single gram of sugar and will come as individually wrapped hard candies in a baggy, the flavors included in each pack will be Green Apple, Peach, and Pink Lemonade. 

While Smart Sweets hasn't announced an official release date for the all new Jolly Gems, they should be out sometime in the coming weeks and will be rolling out around the same time as Smart Sweets all new Caramel Candies. 

Smart Sweets 12/Box


Smart Sweets Low Sugar Fiber Gummy Candy 12/Box THE ALL NEW HALLOWEEN GUMMY WORMS ARE HERE!!! Finally, a company has come out with the first candy ever to kick sugar! But Smart Sweets is doing this differently. Not like others using sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners. And every ingredient used in these delicious gummy bears is non-GMO. You can finally indulge in some sweet gummy bear goodness without the guilt!! Introducing, the ultimate, Smart, Sweets Gummy treats!! Smart, Sweets Flavors ...

May 20th 2023

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