Sweet Sweat Stick vs Nutrex Lipo 6 Defining Gel

Sweet Sweat Stick vs Nutrex Lipo 6 Defining Gel
Sweet Sweat vs Lipo 6


A popular new category of supplements which began hitting the market over the past year or two are topical fat burning gels or topical thermogenic supplements which aim to help users burn stubborn fat with a topical gel or stick they rub on areas of stubborn fat, as opposed to taking a supplement in a pill or powder form. Two popular supplements in this category are Sweet Sweat and Lipo 6 Defining Gel. In today's post we're going to take a look at both of these supplements in terms of their price point, their formula, and user reviews to determine which one takes the cake as the the best topical fat burning product. 

Sweet Sweat is an Organic Coconut Oil topical gel that works with your own elevated heart rate to help you achieve a better sweat during tough workouts. Lipo 6 Defining Gel uses a unique TopiSorb Technology to help deliver an advanced combination of ingredients to help you tackle trouble spots and areas with stubborn fat to increase both thermogenesis and sweating. 


In terms of price point, both Sweet Sweat and Lipo 6 Defining Gel are roughly at the same price point. Sweet Sweat sells for $33 where as Nutrex's Lipo 6 Defining Gel is $34.95. Sweet Sweat comes in a slightly lower price point, however not by much so we can't really make a decision on price point alone. 


Sweet Sweat doesn't contain thermogenic or fat burning ingredients so much as a variety of oils. The Sweet Sweat formula contains oils like Acai Pulp Oil, Coconut Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, White Snow Petrolatum which is a blend of mineral oils, as well as a few other oils. This formula seems less thermogenic and it appears that the benefits come from using the waist trainer and causing your body to sweat more. 

The Lipo 6 Defining Gel seems to put more of an emphasis on fat burning or thermogenic ingredients. Looking at the formula the first and main ingredients are water, alcohol, and metnhol, followed by some thermogenic ingredients such as Capsaicin, Caffeine, Synephrine, and Yohimbine. While these ingredients most likely aren't absorbed as well topically, as when ingested, these are clinically proven ingredients to boost metabolism, raise body temperature, and boost thermogenesis.

In this round we're going to have to give it to Nutrex's Lipo 6 Defining Gel. While both formulas look to be effective, the Lipo 6 Defining Gel seems to contain ingredients more likely to promote thermogenesis, and this formula seems like it will be more effective even if it's not used along with the waist trainer. 


When it comes to Sweet Sweat, customers do rave about this product and across the board everyone seems to say it makes them sweat more while training or while working out. Another thing customers point out is they love the smell. 

When it comes to the Nutrex Lipo 6 Defining Gel, like Sweet Sweat, customers across the board rave about how much the formula makes them sweat. One additional thing users seem to comment on is that this one actually elevated their body temperature. When you first apply the gel it goes on feeling cold, likely because of the menthol, and then it starts to heat up, due to a combination of you working out, as well as the Capsaicin. 

While both seem like quality products, this round is going to have to go to Lipo 6 Defining Gel as the ingredient list focuses much more so on proven thermogenic ingredients. 


The winner of the topical fat burner throwdown is going to have to be Nutrex's Lipo 6 Defining Gel. The formula contains a variety of clinically proven fat burning ingredients like Capsaicin, Caffeine, Synephrine, and Yohimbine among others. Users seem to love this stuff, and across the board state it makes them sweat like crazy and heats up their midsection.

When selecting the winner, it's important to point out that both of these appear to be quality products, and that everyone is different, some users may prefer Sweet Sweat. Sweet Sweat seems to be a bit more of a mellow fat burner, and for those who find that Lipo 6 Defining Gel bothers their skin, or gets too hot, Sweet Sweat may be a good option. In terms of the overall formulas and effectiveness however, Lipo 6 has a more powerful formula and appears to work a bit better. 

Have you tried either or both of these topical fat burners? If so which did you prefer or what did you think? Drop a comment below and let us know. 

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May 20th 2023

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