Zeus DMHA Pre-Workout Review

Zeus DMHA Pre-Workout Review
Zeus Preworkout Review

Zeus was the most powerful of the Gods, so it's fitting that God Status Labs named their Hardcore High Stim Pre-Workout Zeus as it's one of the most potent preworkout formulas on the market. In today's post we'll be doing a rundown and overview of God Status Labs DMHA Fueled Pre-Workout Zeus as well as giving you a review of what it's like to take this high stim preworkout. 

For those of you not familiar God Status Labz is an up and coming supplement brand who makes supplements in most of the sports nutrition categories including stim preworkouts, pump preworkouts, post cycle support for prohormones, aminos, nootropics, and more, however the brand is best known for their DMHA fueled Pre-Workout Zeuz. 

Zeus Pre-Workout Overview.

Zeus Pre-Workout is God Status Labz flagship product. With most pre-workouts they'll be very strong in one area such as energy but may lack in the area of focus or pumps or endurance, there's very few high stim preoworkouts that are well rounded in all of these areas. That's one of the best aspects of Zeus Pre-Workout, not only is it incredibly high stim and packed with energy with 200mg of DMHA along with 400mg of Caffeine but it's also packs a powerful muscle pump, nootropics for enhanced focus and mind muscle connection, ingredients for hydration, and much more. We'll run through the full supplement fact panel in the next section but overall this is an amazing well rounded preworkout that delivers plenty of energy for even the wildest stimheads out there. 

Zeus Pre-Workout Ingredients & Supplement Facts

Zeus Pre-Workout doesn't skip on any ingredients. You can checkout the full supplement facts panel below but for starters we have 6000mg of Citrulline Malate which will deliver a nice muscle pump and enhanced endurance in the gym. Beyond that we have 3200mg of Beta Alanine, pretty much a standard dose which will deliver increased endurance and "the tingles" which many people love as it signals to them their preworkout is beginning to kick in. We have 2000mg of Taurine for nootropic benefits and increased hydration which will also support a nice pump. 750mg of DMAE which is a choline molecule which delivers increased focus and a mood boost. As far as caffeine goes we have 400mg of caffeine which will give you that fast acting energy as well as a whopping 200mg of DMHA which is a cleaner and longer lasting stimulant which will have you going strong throughout your entire workout session. For comparison 200mg of DMHA puts it right up there with high stim powerful preworkouts like Convict and El Chapo. One of my favorite aspects of this preworkout is 250mg of Eria Jarensis which is a feel good mood boosting nootropic that increased motivation and is a stimulant as well. We round off this preworkout with 50mg of Hordenine, 50mg of Gaba, and 50mg of Vitamin B6. This formula is jam packed with ingredients to increase energy, endurance, focus, performance and which will deliver a sick pump in the gym. 


Zeus Pre-Workout Review

So I'll just cut right to the chase and tell you that Zeus is right up there with some of the best high stim preworkouts I've ever taken. While the super high stim pre's aren't necessarily an everyday thing for me, there are days that I do need a high stim solution like leg days or days when I don't get enough sleep. On days like this I'd typically go with something like a Swole AF El Chapo. I recently however got my hands on a tub of Zeus and decided to give it a try on a leg day when I was feeling a bit tired and not especially motivated, and here's my experience...

So I decided to start off with a full scoop, I'd recommend a half scoop for those who aren't used to high stim pre-workout supplements. I should add that Zeus comes in four flavor options including Godly Peach, Godly Gummy, Olympus Orange, and Strawberry Lemonade, I opted for the Godly Gummy. While many high stim preworkouts have a bitter taste due to the stimulants, the Godly Gummy flavor tasted pretty good and did a good job of covering up the flavor of all the active ingredients. 

Zeus kicked in fairly quickly, I pounded a shaker bottle full of it on my way out the door from work and about halfway to the gym, about 10 minutes in I already felt it kicking in. Initially I felt that stimulant feeling behind my eyes which was quickly followed by a boost to my mood, I had previously been feeling a bit sluggish and just down, I assumed that was the Eria Jarensis kicking in. 

By the time I arrived at the gym the energy was surging throughout my body and my mood which had been rather lazy had kicked into overdrive and I was actually excited about my upcoming workout. Overall I had a very solid workout, a ton of energy, no fatigue during my workout, I even wound up doing another 20 minutes on the stair machine after doing legs, chest and shoulders. I still had plenty of energy even at the end of my workout and while I was worried about a hard crash or comedown following such an intense preworkout, it really just eased off and let me go without any big crash. 

Overall I'm a huge fan of Zeus and would recommend it to anyone looking for a high stim preworkout that still delivers in the areas of muscle pumps and increased focus. I'd give it a solid 8 out of 10. 

Where To Buy Zeus Pre-Workout?

So here at Best Price Nutrition we strive to constantly be bringing in the hottest new brands and products. God Status Labs is one such brand we've had our eye on for a while. While we currently do not yet sell God Status Labs Supplements or the Zeus Pre-Workout, it's one we're strongly considering bringing in. If you'd like to see us carry Zeus Pre-Workout from God Status Labs give us a call, shoot us an email or drop us a comment on our Youtube Channel or Social Media accounts and let us know you'd like to see us bring it in, if there's enough interest we'll look into doing so. 

May 20th 2023

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