Alpha Lion Drops All New Fat Burner Called Apex Burn

Alpha Lion Drops All New Fat Burner Called Apex Burn
Alpha Lion Apex Burn

The hardcore supplement brand Alpha Lion has just revealed an all new fat burner called Apex Burn. Longtime fans of the brand may remember back in the day Alpha Lion had a number of fat burning supplements called Cheetah Burn which came in several variants ie a capsule version, powder version and a Cheetah Burn PM. While Cheetah Burn itself isn't coming back, Alpha Lion has rolled out another new supplement in the same category and one which aims to achieve the same goals with their all new Apex Burn. 

Now Alpha Lion has no shortage of weight loss supplements, they have Superhuman Scorch, Night Burn, Cravings Killer, Superhuman Burn, Superhuman Sleep, and several variants of their Gains Candy supplements which all aim to help with body composition and fat loss. Their All New Apex Burn however takes a different approach. You can checkout the full supplement fact panel below but this powdered fat burner will feature 1000mg Tyrosine, 750mg Choline, 400mg SantEnergy, and a 245mg SXT Energy System which features various forms of caffeine. It also contains a SUPERHUMAN Thermal Burn Matrix which features 450mg of Actipoinin, 250mg of Mitoburn, 250mg of Innoslim, 100mg of Fucuoxanthin, and 25mg of CaloriBurn. This formula aims to provide energy, intense focus and a cognitive boost and boost metabolism and spur on increased fat loss. 

Alpha Lion Apex Burn Ingredients & Supplement Facts

Apex Burn has not yet dropped on the Alpha Lion website but it should be rolling out sometime later this week. It will come in a 21/42 serving tub depending upon whether you take a full or half scoop serving and while we don't know all the flavor options we do know at least one flavor will be Molten Mango which is likely a spicy mango flavor. We'll bring you more info as we learn more about this all new supplement from Alpha Lion. 

May 20th 2023

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