Area 51 Flavors Coming To Focus XT By Serious Nutrition Solutions

Area 51 Flavors Coming To Focus XT By Serious Nutrition Solutions

serious nutrition solutions announces 3 new area 51 flavors of focus xt!!

Serious Nutrition Solutions has recently announced that they've come out with a new series of flavors for their popular focus XT product. The Nootropic supp that aims to provide focus, energy & other cognitive benefits now has three, brand-new flavors that they've coined "The Alien series." they've just announced that the three new flavors will be Green Apple Abduction, Little Green Man-Go Pineapple & Storming Grape Limeade. The popular supplement company said these flavors are inspired by the area 51 theme. All three of the new flavor's formulas will still include the same good ingredients that its current flavors contain, like a whopping 200mg of caffeine & tyrosine.


The exclusive flavors were *just* announced by Serious Nutrition Solutions a couple of days ago, so no, best price nutrition does not *currently* have the area 51 flavors available in our warehouse. with that being said, our team is super excited to announce that we will be getting the new flavors in stock *very soon,* and we are expected to be one of the first online retailers to receive them!! stay tuned, because we should be getting these spooky flavors in soon. In the meantime, feel free to peruse the rest of our sns collection below!!

May 20th 2023

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