Axe & Sledge "Fyred" Now Available!!

Axe & Sledge "Fyred" Now Available!!

Axe & Sledge Announces new Fat Burner coined "Fyred"

What is Fyred??

Axe & Sledge has just recently announced a brand-new weight loss pill that has just been released this past week. the supplement, coined "fyred," contains a formula that somewhat mimics one of the company's older products, double time. although fyred does contain a lot of the same ingredients as double time, it is supposed to be a much more *extreme* fat burner, as it's packed with a ton of incredibly strong stimulants. It's new, intense formula will provide you with intense energy, laser focus & mental acuity. in addition to traditional weight loss benefits, Fyred is also supposed to support a healthy metabolism & hardcore fat burning. Here's a look at it's ingredient list...

Does BPN Carry Fyred??

Yes!! Fyred is one of BPN's newest, hot products!! Get your hands on it today!! We also *do* currently carry most of Axe & Sledge's other products as well & are always getting in fresh, new flavors. To get Fyre now or to browse other Axe & Sledge products in our warehouse, click the link below!! stay tuned for other new arrivals & get Fyre'd up!! ;)

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May 20th 2023

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