How to Increase Sperm Volume Overnight

How to Increase Sperm Volume Overnight
There's a lot of confusion when it comes to increasing sperm volume, versus increasing semen volume. Many men and women falsely believe that semen volume is tied to sperm volume or fertility, that is actually false. We do get a lot of questions from men who are looking to increase semen volume, likely more for fun and bragging rights, as well as men looking to increase semen volume, more likely for reasons of fertility. 

When it comes to increasing sperm volume specifically, there's some lifestyle and behavior changes you can make to increase sperm volume, as well as some foods and supplements which can also aid in increasing semen volume.


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5 Ways To Increase Sperm Volume

1. Get Plenty of Sleep and Exercise

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that in order to have healthy semen, you should live a healthy lifestyle and keep your body healthy. Two of the most important factors in staying healthy are sleep and exercise. Numerous studies have shown, especially among those overweight, that weight loss and exercise can lead to an increased sperm count. Other studies have shown that men who are obese or live sedentary lifestyles tend to have lower sperm counts. The lesson here is get plenty of sleep and rest, and live an active lifestyle. 

2. Quit Smoking

Many studies including a 2016 study and 20 other studies have consistently shown that men who smoked moderate to heavy amounts of tobacco had lower sperm counts than people who smoked tobacco less heavily or not at all. 

3. Avoid Alcohol & Drug Use

Again, healthy lifestyles tend to equal healthier sperm. With that in mind it shouldn't come as a surprise that alcohol and drugs can negatively effect sperm counts and semen volume. While the number of studies on this subject is somewhat limited due to the ethical problems that come along with illegal substances, one study back in 2018 did find that using drugs like alcohol, marijuana and cocaine led to decreased sperm production. 

4. Eat Foods That Increase Sperm Count

There are a number of foods which are known to support male health and increase sperm count and sperm volume. These foods include fruits which are rich in Vitamin C, Dark Leafy Vegetables, Walnuts, Fatty Fish, Eggs, Spinach, Banana, Asparagus, and Dark Chocolate. 

5. Supplementation

There are a number of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and adaptogens which have been shown to support increased sperm volume. One of these is Vitamin D which is also a common and popular ingredients in a lot of Testosterone Boosting Supplements. Vitamin D is known to support male fertility. A 2019 researchers reviewed 18 studies which and found that men with higher levels of Vitamin D showed improved fertility and sperm volume. It's also shown that around 40% of the adult population in the US is deficient in Vitamin D so this is something that would likely help out a good percentage of the men out there. 

CoQ10 is an antioxidant and another supplement which may improve many bodily functions in men including sperm count and sperm volume. CoQ10 is found naturally in seminal fluid and a higher concentration of CoQ10 is correlated to not only greater sperm volume, but also greater sperm mobility. 

Zinc, like Vitamin D is another common ingredient found in many mens health and testosterone boosting supplements. Many studies have shown that low zinc levels are associated with poor sperm quality, low sperm volume, and a risk of male infertility. While Zinc is found naturally in foods like meat, fish, and eggs, many men, especially vegetarians and vegans may struggle getting enough zinc via their diet. In addition to sperm volume and sperm health, zinc is known to support male fertility by increasing testosterone. 

While there's plenty more vitamins, minerals and supplements which can aid in increasing sperm volume the last two we're going to cover are two supplements which come from Ayurvedic Medicine, these are Ashwagandha and Shilajit. Shilajit has been shown in studies to improve sperm volume by up to 64% in men with low sperm counts, and has also been shown to improve testosterone levesl in men, another important factor for many men suffering from low sperm counts. Ashwagandha is another ingredient from Ayurvedic Medicine which has been shown clinically to have a positive relationship with increased sperm volume. One such study in India demonstrated a 167% increase in sperm volume, a 53% increase in semen volume, and a 57% increase in sperm mobility.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, if you're a guy or gal who's looking for ways to increase sperm volume and male fertility, there's some pretty simple lifestyle and behavioral changes you can make as well as supplementing with some of these vitamins, minerals and herbs we've mentioned today. 

Dec 14th 2023 John Frigo
John Frigo
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