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NutraBio Launches a New Supplement Called Leg Day

NutraBio Launches a New Supplement Called Leg Day

NutraBio Leg Day

NutraBio is a brand which we only brought in somewhat recently, but which has quickly become a top seller and a favorite among our customers. The brands Alpha EAA is one of my personal favorite supplements, and their pre-workouts and protein powders are hits among our customers. Most recently we brought in the brands Clear Isolate Protein as well as their Plant Protein which has to be one of the best we've tasted in terms of taste and texture.

Well, NutraBio has just teased another all new supplement they'll be dropping sometime in the not too distant future, this one is called Leg Day. NutraBio hasn't released the formula, nor have they really told us what to expect from NutraBio Leg Day, aside from saying it will provide users with energy and enhanced performance. Leg Day is always one of the toughest days at the gym, so we're guessing this will be some type of pre-workout or intra-workout to take specifically on those tough leg days.

We don't have much else in the way of information on this new offering from NutraBio aside from what you can see on the tub art. We do know it will come in at least one flavor which will be Blueberry Lemonade. We'll keep you updated and bring you more info as we learn more. 

NutraBio Leg Day 20 Servings


We have NutraBio's All New Leg Day in stock and ready to ship!

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