Bucked Up Announces New Limited Edition "Summer Summer Summer Time" Flavor

Bucked Up Announces New Limited Edition "Summer Summer Summer Time" Flavor

Bucked Up has just announced some new Limited Edition flavors that will be rolling out this summer. Now this Limited Edition flavor roll-out is a little bit confusing. It appears that these new flavors will be rolling out across various products in the Bucked Up line and will go by two different names, either "Summer Summer Summer Time" or Swole Whip.

Both flavors however despite going by a different names will feature the same flavor profile which Bucked Up tells us is a blend of Pineapple, Mango, and Vanilla Cream. This sound like a really interesting flavor profile we haven't seen before. 

These all new flavors will apparently be available in Woke AF (pictured above), BAMF, and Bucked Up Pre-Workouts. These all new Limited Edition flavors have already dropped on the Bucket Up website. No word yet on whether these flavors will make their way out to retail partners like ourselves, but if we can manage to get our hands on some we'd love to bring it in. In the meantime, if you'd like to checkout our offering of Bucked Up supplements you can do so below...

Bucked Up

Bucked Up, formerly known as DAS Labs has been bringing out new and innovative supplements with completely transparent formulas and no proprietary blends in order to provide you quality supplements to help you meet your health & fitness goals. Bucked Up carries everything from Creatine to BCAAs!!

Bucked Up BAMF 30 Servings

Extreme Pre-Workout - Bucked Up BAMF If you're looking for a pre-workout formula to change up your workout game, look no further. BAMF by Bucked Up is is a scientifically tested, non-proprietary formula with no fillers. ...

Bucked Up Woke AF BLACK 30 Servings

Bucked Up Black Woke AF - Detoxifying Intense Pre WorkoutIf the original Bucked Up Woke wasn't enough for you, we have something much more terrifying and DARK! Boosted with caffeine, Deer Antler, and others to make it o ...

Bucked Up Cara Loren Bucked Up

Pre-Natal Pre-Workout - Bucked Up Cara Loren Bucked Up This ultimate product by Bucked Up is a limited edition collaboration with Fitness Enthusiast Cara Loren! Bucked Up & Cara Loren have come up with a pre-workout form ...

Bucked Up Bucked Up Black 30 Servings

Pre-Workout Formula - Bucked Up Bucked Up Black If you're a fan of Bucked Up's original Bucked Up Pre-Workout, you'll LOVE this new Bucked Up Black. It'll give you that extra bit of oomph that you need to power through y ...

Bucked Up Woke AF 30 Servings

High Stimulant Pre-Workout - Bucked Up Woke AFIf you're looking for a high stimulant pre-workout that'll keep you locked in to your workout, look no further. Bucked Up Woke AF was formulated for experienced athletes loo ...
May 20th 2023

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