Carniten - Metabolic Nutrition Lipolytic Fat Burner

Carniten - Metabolic Nutrition Lipolytic Fat Burner

Metabolic Nutrition Carniten

Metabolic Nutrition Cariten

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We have some fun news! Metabolic Nutrition is coming out with a new product and this one will knock your socks off! If you are wanting to lose fat and increase your endurance, CarniTEN is the product for you! Introducing Metabolic Nutrition Carniten!

Metabolic Nutrition CarniTEN is a Lipolytic Weight Loss Solution that has a maximum potency of L-Carintine at 5,000mg! This will be sure to give you that thermogenic feeling as well so you don't have to starve yourself to get rid of fat! 

But what does Metabolic Nutrition Carniten do? Well this fat burner is designed to have your body metabolize your fat cells instead of carbs for energy! CarniTEN has a formula of 10 super powerful fat burning ingredients and L-Carnitine is one of the best!

With that being said, Metabolic Nutrition Carniten is made with 5 different forms of L-Carnitine so you break down more fat, and different areas of fat! On top of that, CarniTEN also includes thermogenic ingredients like Grains Of Paradise and Insulin Mimetics. Having all these ingredients working together to give you a full boost of 5,000mg of fat burning! 

When it comes to the dosage of Metabolic Nutrition CariTEN, they suggest with 2 capsules with food in the morning and another 2 in the evening. With that, your getting 20,000mg a day! 

When this amazing product comes in, we will post more here and let you know!

May 20th 2023

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