Glaxon Revamps Their Serenity Sleep Supplement

Glaxon Revamps Their Serenity Sleep Supplement
Glaxon Serenity New Formula

The Space Themed Supplement Company Glaxon recently announced a version two of Serenity, the brands sleep and relaxation supplement. Glaxon has an extensive product line-up and has recently been launching some spin-offs of existing supplements, version 2's of others, and some entirely new offerings. One supplement the brand recently reformulated is Serenity, Glaxon's sleep, mood, and relaxation formula. 

While much of the formula from version one has stuck around, they have expanded it a bit, as well as changed some dosages. Glaxon upped the Magnolia Bark to 200mg as well as the Quercetin to 200mg. They've also added 100mg of L-Theanine and 100mg of Lipidox to help with absorption and bioavailability. 

This all new formula just hit the Glaxon website, and we'll likely be bringing it in here in the coming weeks. 

May 20th 2023

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