New Axe & Sledge Peach & Lemonade Flavors Coming to Seventh Gear Pre-Workout

New Axe & Sledge Peach & Lemonade Flavors Coming to Seventh Gear Pre-Workout
Seventh Gear Your Moms Sweet Peach

Yesterday Axe & Sledge released a funny video on Instagram announcing the release of two new flavors of their amino supplement The Grind. The new flavors are Your Moms Sweet Peach and Your Mom's Lemonade. Well today. Well we just learned that not only are these new flavors droppin for The grind, they'll also be coming to the brands Seventh Gear Pre-Workout!

This is something Axe & Sledge often does, roll out a new flavor in one products, and if popular, roll it out to others. We've seen that in the past with flavors like Whiskey & Cola and Shark Bite, however Axe & Sledge must be confident in these new flavors as they'll rolling them out for their Pre-Workout right off the bat. 

For those not familiar with Seventh Gear, it's Axe & Sledge's high stim preworkout which features over 500mg of stimulants and comes in unique and tasty flavors like Pineapple Express, Raspberry Lemonade, Freedom, Whiskey & Cola and Deadlifts and Gummy Bears.

These all new flavors are dropping later today at 8PM Eastern Time, and should be rolling out to partnering retailers like ourselves in the coming weeks. If you'd like to checkout our current line-up of Seventh Gear flavors you can do so below...

Axe & Sledge Seventh Gear

Axe & Sledge Seventh Gear 30 Servings


Axe & Sledge has announced their new flavors Your Moms Sweet Peach and Your Moms Lemonade will also be joining their Seventh Gear Pre-Workout, along with The Grind!

May 20th 2023

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