New Fruity Cereal Milk Flavor Coming to Blackstone Labs Isolation Protein

New Fruity Cereal Milk Flavor Coming to Blackstone Labs Isolation Protein
Blackstone Labs Isolation Fruity Cereal Milk

Just a couple hours ago both Blackstone Labs official Instagram page as well as Blackstone Labs CEO PJ Braun's page both dropped an image featuring an all new flavor of Blackstone Labs Isolation. The all new flavor has been revealed as being a Fruity Cereal flavor.

For those who haven't tried Blackstone Labs Isolation, it's a whey protein isolate powder which features 24 grams of whey protein isolate protein along with just 1 gram of fat and a lean 110 calories per serving. Isolation is typically available in a chocolate and vanilla flavors however the brand has done some limited edition flavors including Pumpkin Pie, Strawberry, and Spooky Candy, and with the new addition, we'll now have a Fruity Cereal Milk. 

For those of you who follow PJ Braun on Instagram you're probably aware of his crazy antics and his characters, and he promises the character promoting this new flavor will be his best yet, so stay tuned for that. We haven't been given an official release date and this flavor is not currently showing on the Blackstone Labs website, but we'll likely see it sometime later in the week. We'll keep you posted. In the meantime feel free to checkout Blackstone Labs Isolation Protein at the link below...


Blackstone Labs Isolation 30 Servings


Blackstone Labs and PJ Braun have just announced an all new Fruity Cereal Milk flavor coming to their Isolation protein powder. 

May 20th 2023

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