New Smart Sweets Lollipops Now Available

New Smart Sweets Lollipops Now Available
Smart Sweets Lollipops

Over the past year or so Smart Sweets has become one of, if not the, most popular functional food brands with their gummy candies that contain 80% less sugar than leading brands, along with a healthy dose of fiber. While Smart Sweets began by offering Gummy Bears and Swedish Fish, they quickly expanded the line to include fan favorites such as Tangy Peach Rings, Sourmelon Bites, Gummy Worms, and most recently Red Twists, the brands take on licorice. Well, Smart Sweets has just dropped another all new candy, Smart Sweets Lollipops.

Smart Sweets Lollipops will feature 80% less sugar than the leading brand with just a half gram of sugar per lollipop. Each bag will contain 12 individually wrapped Lollipops in two flavors including Blue Raspberry and Watermelon. They will also contain no sugar alcohols, no artificial sweeteners, and are colored with real fruits and veggies. 

These all new Lollipops just dropped on the Smat Sweets website and we should have them in here sometime in the coming weeks. 

May 20th 2023

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