Phase One Nutrition Drops a Crisp Fruit Flavored Protein Powder

Phase One Nutrition Drops a Crisp Fruit Flavored Protein Powder

Phase One Nutrition is a line we brought in sometime last year and it's been a huge hit amongst not only our customers but everyone around the office. People are loving their Lean Phase Fat Burner, PrePhase Pre-Workout, and Amino Phase BCAA Formula.

Recently Phase One went through a bit of a rebranding and repackaging with a bit more modern and flashy packaging and a new design. Well now the brand has announced they are breaking into an al new category, the protein category, with an all new Clear Whey Protein Isolate protein powder.

Clear protein powders have been getting more popular in the past year or two. Rather than a milky and heavy whey protein that typically comes in chocolate, vanilla, and other rich flavors, many people are enjoying leaner, crisper, and fresher flavors of protein pre and post workout. 

Phase One just announced Phase One ISO Clear Whey Protein Isolate. This one will pack 20 grams of protein per serving with zero sugar, zero carbs, zero fat, and only 90 calories per serving. They've also added Pepzyme AG and other enzymes to improve digestion. 

As far as flavors the teaser image they've dropped shows a Gym-N-Lime Quencher which looks reminiscent of a lemon lime flavored Gatorate Bottle, we're also hearing the other flavor option will be a tropical Paradise Passion flavor. No official release date has been given but this one should be out soon. 

May 20th 2023

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