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Allmax Nutrition Arginine 400 Grams

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Allmax Nutrition Arginine 400 Grams

Precursor for synthesis of Nitric Oxide (NO)

ARGININE is considered a semi-essential amino acid. What that means is the body produces ARGININE normally, but sometimes the body needs more than is available and ARGININE needs to be supplemented. Food sources such as peanuts and almonds are natural sources of ARGININE, but for those looking to enhance athletic performance or increase lean muscle mass, it is difficult to derive the amount required by the body in optimal results from food sources.

Allmax Nutrition Arginine 400 Grams Benefits:

Stimulation of the release of growth hormone
Improves immune function
Increases muscle mass

Recent University level research confirms ARGININE's ability to act as a natural precursor to Creatine synthesis in the body.

It has also been shown to increase natural levels of Growth Hormone and increase natural levels of Growth Hormones and increase the body's ability to consume and utilize oxygen, primarily due to its ability to increase levels of Nitric Oxide (increase Vasodilatation).

AllMax Nutrition Arginine Directions:

Mix one rounded teaspoon (5 g) of AllMax Arginine in water or juice 1-3 times daily.

AllMax Nutrition Arginine Ingredients:


Supplement Facts

Arginine 400 g

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon (5g)
Servings Per Container: 80
Amount Per Serving
L-Arginine 5 g

AllMax Nutrition Arginine Side Effects and Warning:

This supplement should be avoided by persons with genito-urinary problems or cold sores unless otherwise prescribed by a physician. Do not use if you have asthma, or you have had a myocardial infarction (heart attack) or have established coronary artery disease

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The best

This product is maybe the best I've ever tried, the pump is insane. Flavour is as expected - really bad, but it's obvious since it's HLC. I recommend it!

I love the pump!!

The pump you receive from this product is absolutely amazing but the taste is very gross. It is super effective but They should create a flavored version

good supp

This is a supplement that a few of my friends have sworn by for years. They say that it makes for an insane pump and is the same cost as a nitric oxide booster or traditional pump supplement yet it has more than double the servings in just one container. Thats about the cheapest nitric oxide booster on the market. The taste is going to be as expected. Do not take this is you want good flavor, but it is fine if you just mix it in with something else. Great supplement.

A good supplement.

Can not go wrong with arginine. Especially from the good company Allmax. I have slowed down myself considerably from using arginine simply because i have been using the agmatine product. But none the least this is a good supplement. I would use this at night to help improve my quality of sleep. I also used it through the day liberally for a bit of fullness and vascularity. This was my go to when i was going to a bar or party and wanted the pseudo pump thing going on.

Great N.O. booster

This stuff works great in doses of 3 per day: Morning, preworkout, and before bed to also boost growth hormone. Although the taste isn't pleasant. it's to be expected since all unflavored amino acids taste horrible. Perhaps if there was a flavoring system used to enhance taste it would be easier to stomache.

Poor Performance

I was looking for an Arginine product, so I thought I would try this one out. The taste is awful. I would NOT recommend mixing this into a shake since it would ruin the taste of your entire shake. You cannot ���mask�۝ the taste. Best thing to do ��� mix it with a bit of water, and take it in one gulp, and then take additional liquids. Overall- I could not get this product to work for me: I took 2x a day, doubled the doses, full stomach, empty stomach-1 hour before work out- everything- the results were negligible at best in terms of a pump. Perhaps Im a non-responder to Arginine HCL.

Hands down the best pump ingredient!!

Arginine is probably the best stand alone ingredient for those who are seeking muscle tightening crazy pumps! Was getting vascular and contractions like no other! A really great product also for high blood pressure sufferers!

Very good product to recover

Arginine is a very good product. It does taste like anything, so it is easy to add with shakes. I add it to my pre workout drink or post workout drink. My recovery has shorten and I feel my immune system has been better too!

Good Arginine HCL

Great Arginine HCL. Doesn't taste as strong as regular Arginine and is virtually odorless. Great to take before a workout or any time you would normally take it I use two servings a day with Leucine.