RAZE Announces All New "Tropical" Mystery Flavor Dropping Next Week

RAZE Announces All New "Tropical" Mystery Flavor Dropping Next Week
RAZE Energy Mystery Tropical Flavor

Over the last year or so RAZE Energy Drinks have quickly become one of the hottest and most popular energy drinks on the market. So much so that the parent brand REPP Sports is actually rolling out all their new supplements under and moving many of their best sellers over to the RAZE branding. RAZE has some fantastic flavors of their energy drink and has somewhat followed in the footsteps of popular energy drink maker Bang Energy in that they not only continue putting out more great flavors, but they also tease out mystery flavors prior to their release. 

RAZE recently took to Instagram to tease out an all new Tropical themed Mystery Flavor which will be dropping sometime next week. RAZE hasn't given us much in the way of clues but the brightly colored can appears to feature a slot machine, and RAZE tells us it will be a summery tropical flavor leaving us thinking it's likely to be some type of Pineapple, Mango, Guava ,or Passonfruit type of flavor.  RAZE of course already has their South Beach flavor which is a tropical style pina colada like flavor so we know it has to be something different than that. 

Apparently RAZE is going to be revealing this all new flavor sometime next week so we'll bring you more info as we learn more. If you'd like to pickup a case of RAZE's existing flavors be sure to checkout our entire line-up of RAZE Energy Drink flavors below.

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May 20th 2023

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