Redcon1 Reveals New HYDRAT10N Alkaline Water

Redcon1 Reveals New HYDRAT10N Alkaline Water
Redcon1 Hydrat10n Alkaline Water

Redcon1 recently announced on Instagram an all new product they'll be rolling out soon, the all new product is an high PH or alkaline water called HYDRAT10N. While Redcon1 isn't new to the beverage space, they do have a Total War RTD as well as an Energy Shot, this is Redcon'1 first stab at water. Redcon1 HYDRAT10N is purified water with a pH10.

Why Alkaline Water? While the science still seems to be out on the benefits of drinking alkaline water, the idea is that disease, illness and inflammation thrive in an acidic environment more so than an alkaline environment. Those who drink alkaline water tout benefits like anti-aging properties, colon cleansing properties, immune support, and healthy skin. 

No word yet on when this is going to become available or how much it will cost. We do know you'll be able to buy it buy the single bottle or by the case. We'll bring you more info as we learn more. 

May 20th 2023

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