Redcon1 Total War RTD Gets New "Patriot" Flavor

Redcon1 Total War RTD Gets New "Patriot" Flavor
Redcon1 Total War RTD Patriot

Redcon1 is a brand who's no stranger to rolling out new flavors, and especially Limited Edition flavors. Last year Redcon1 dropped a Patriot flavor, also referred to as 1776. The flavor was a Smartees Candy inspired flavor and came in a Vintage looking tub. One interesting thing about the Patriot flavor is only 1776 tubs were made for the year 1776, the year the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Well, Redcon1 just announced that the Redcon1 Patriot 1776 flavor of Total War which was a special edition last year in the powder form of the pre-workout is back and will be coming to the brands Total War RTD Pre Workout, and will feature the same historical vintage looking tubs. 

The all new Patriot Total War RTD's are now available on the Redcon1 website. It's not clear yet if this flavor is sticking around for good, or if it's a special edition flavor which will only be here temporarily. We'll likely be getting some cases in here within the coming weeks. If you'd like to checkout our current offering of Redcon1 Total War RTD flavors which are currently at 9 options, you can do so below.

Redcon1 Total War RTD Patriot 1776

Redcon1 Total War Ready to Drink RTD 12/Case


Redcon1 just dropped an all new Patriot 1776 flavor of their Total War RTD Pre Workout. This flavor was a limited edition the brand rolled out last year for the 4rth of July. 

May 20th 2023

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