RYSE Drops a New Vanilla Peanut Butter Flavor of RYSE Loaded Protein

RYSE Drops a New Vanilla Peanut Butter Flavor of RYSE Loaded Protein
RYSE Loaded Protein Vanilla Peanut Butter

For the past couple of days RYSE Supplements has begun teasing out an all new flavor of their RYSE Loaded Protein Protein Powder. One teaser image showed some peanuts, however RYSE already has a Peanut Butter Cup flavored protein powder, so we weren't sure exactly what to expect. 

Well,in the early hours this morning RYSE dropped an Instagram post showing what the new flavor is. The all new flavor of RYSE Loaded Protein is a unique Vanilla Peanut Butter flavor, that's not a flavor we've seen before from other brands. 

The all new Vanilla Peanut Butter flavor of RYSE Protein is going to be available in 27 serving tub, as well as a 54 serving tub. These just showed up on the RYSE Supps online shop this morning and we're hoping to get some tubs in here shortly after the New Year. If you want to checkout our current line-up of RYSE Loaded Protein flavors we are currently carrying Cinnamon Crunch, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, Fruity Crunch, and Chocolate Cookie. 

Ryse Supplements Loaded Protein 2lb


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May 20th 2023

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