Serious Nutrition Solutions Drops a Straightforward KannaEase Supplement

Serious Nutrition Solutions Drops a Straightforward KannaEase Supplement
SNS KannaEase

Serious Nutrition Solutions, better known as SNS is a brand which has been around for years. One of the big trends we've seen in 2020 is traditional sports nutrition brands rolling out simple single ingredient supplements. We saw Redcon1 roll out their basic training Series, Blackstone Labs their Core Series, and most recently Axe & Sledge rolled out a line of basic supplements including fish oils, creatine and others. SNS is a brand who was well ahead of this trend, for years SNS has been rolling out single ingredient supplements like Phenibut, Noopept, Yohimbine, Vaso6, and many others. 

Well in recent days SNS has announced that every week for the next three months they'll be rolling out a new basic supplement. Well just a few days after that announcement SNS has revealed the first of many more to come. SNS first new supplement of 2021 is KannaEase, a popular ingredient which is now being included in many pre-workouts and fat burners. This ingredient supports a positive mood, relaxation and helps users improve their sense of well-being and assists in stress and anxiety management. 

SNS all new KannaEase will feature a solid 50mg of KannaEase and will contain 120 capsules per bottle and it can be taken as a single capsule dose of 50mg of a double capsule dose of 100mg of KannaEase. This all new basic supplement will first drop on the Serious Nutrition Solutions website, but we hope to have it in here in the coming week or two. 

May 20th 2023

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