SNS Drops a New MitoBurn Fat Burning Supplement

SNS Drops a New MitoBurn Fat Burning Supplement
Serious Nutrition Solutions Mitoburn

Serious Nutrition Solutions, better known as SNS has just announced an all new weight loss supplement called MitoBurn XT. MitoBurnXT is a Rapid Fat Loss Amplifier that aims to provide stimulant free weight loss, increase metabolic rate, help burn stubborn body fat, and it aims to amplify the fat burning effects of exercise or working out. 

For those not familiar with the brand SNS is a longtime supplement brand who's probably best known for their Focus XT Nootropic Powder, but a brand who's got products in every category from weight loss to nootropics to muscle builders and more. SNS was also one of the earlier companies to begin rolling out simple single ingredient supplements, something SNS has been doing for years, and something most sports nutrition companies had just started doing over the past year or two.

If you're not familiar with MitoBurn, MitoBurn is a premium and patented version of L-Baiba which is something our muscles produce during exercise, it's often referred to as the "Exercise Factor". L-Baiba helps to regulate metabolism, increase energy expenditure, and manage fuel selection. Until recently the only way to increase L-Baiba was through exercise, however with MitoBurn you can increase your levels via supplementation. 

Serious Nutrition Solutions All New MitoBurn XT contains a half gram of MitoBurn per serving along with 5mg of BioPerine Black Pepper for improved absorption and bioavailability. This all new non-stimulant fat burner from SNS is now available on the brands website for $39.99 for a 60 capsule bottle, and it should be rolling out to partnered retailers like ourselves sometime in the coming weeks. 


May 20th 2023

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