The Benefits of Papaya Enzymes

The Benefits of Papaya Enzymes
Benefits of Papain Papaya Enzymes

Papain, better known as Papaya Enzymes are a material which is extracted from the raw fruit of the papaya plant. Papain is a proteolytic enzyme which helps break proteins down into smaller protein fragments ie peptides and amino acids, this is why papain is often used as an ingredient in meat tenderizers. You can get papain or papaya enzymes from your diet by eating raw papaya, however papaya can be a difficult ingredient to get in some areas of the world and not everyone likes the taste of papaya, so papaya enzymes or papain is also available in supplement form to support digestion, overall health, and to treat a variety of ailments. 


Papaya Enzymes are probably best known for supporting digestive discomfort. People who suffer from acid reflux, GERD, and heartburn often report that papaya enzymes or papain works better than Alka Seltzer and other over the counter digestive aids. Papaya Enzymes are also known to support improved digestion and regular bowel movements. In addition to these benefits however studies have shown papaya enzymes may help relieve sore throat symtpoms, help to reduce inflammation, ease sore muscles, and may even aid in the healing of wounds. 


If you're taking Papaya Enzymes or Papain as a digestive aid its best taken just prior to or after meals, though they are believed to work best on an empty stomach so taking papaya enzymes just prior to a meal would be best. If you're taking Papaya Enzymes for the inflammation benefits or just for overall health and digestion you can take papaya enzymes anytime you like. 


If you're looking to purchase Papaya Enzyme or Papain you're in luck, we have a variety of Papain, Papaya Enzyme, and Super Enzyme Supplements, as well as digestive support and anti-gas supplements which contain this ingredient. You can checkout our collection of Papaya Enzyme Supplements below...

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May 20th 2023

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