Unbound Supps and The Coolest New Brand Launch We've Ever Seen!

Unbound Supps and The Coolest New Brand Launch We've Ever Seen!
Unbound Supplements

Earlier this week a few of us were sitting around the office when a UPS Truck pulled up. The driver dropped off a package and inside was a powder coated wrench. That seemed pretty random, we threw it back in the warehouse and didn't think much of it.

Well fast forward two days later and this giant metal oil drum shows up. Turns out that wrench was to open this giant oil barrel. Inside we discovered 6 new supplements from Unbound Supps as well as some swag ie a nice metal shaker bottle, a hat and a tee shirt. 

This is by far the coolest new brand launch we've ever seen. While there's a lot of marketing in the supplement industry that is just that marketing, Unbound seems to back it up with their formulas. We're going to be doing a full unboxing and taking a look at the ingredients and supplement facts labels of these formulas in greater detail later, however at a quick glance the formulas look these are packed with branded ingredients and are well dosed formulas. 

No word yet on when Unbound Supps will be shipping out to retailers but follow us on Social Media to stay in the loop. We'll also be posting some videos to our Youtube Channel going over these formulas and probably doing some reviews as well. We'll keep you in the loop as we learn more!

May 20th 2023

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