Unbound Unload Pre Workout Review & Overview

Unbound Unload Pre Workout Review & Overview
Unbound Supplements Unload Pre Workout

Unbound Supplements Unload Pre Workout Review

There's a brand new supplement brand that just dropped today, and while you may not have heard about them yet, I guarantee you that you'll be hearing a lot of buzz about them in the coming weeks. This brand new brand is Unbound Supps or Unbound Supplements, and in today's post we're going to be taking a look at their Unbound Beyond Pre Workout Unload. 

So about a week back we recieved the "Mystery Wrench" in the mail, at the time we didn't have a clue what it was or what it was for, though the box did say "Unbound". Well fast forward a few days and today a giant metal oil drum shows up here at the Best Price Nutrition offices. Turns out you need the wrench to open it, wish we would have kept it. We did manage to get into the tub, and to our surprise we had 6 supplements from Unbound along with some cool swag ie a shaker bottle, hat, and tee shirt. 

Unbound Supplements is a brand new supplement company and appears to be a spin-off of NutraBio, another popular supplement line we carry. This release or brand announcement has to be one of the coolest things I've seen not only in my time working in the supplement industry, but in the world of marketing as a whole.

Myself and the crew around the office took a look at the formulas of the variou supplements they sent out and they were packed with patented branded ingredients, well dosed, and looked like some amazing formulas with tasty flavors. I wound up mixing a scoop of the Unbound Unloaded Pre Workout, taking an early lunch, and hitting the gym. In today's post I wanted to give you all an overview of the formula and my review of the experience taking it.

Unbound Supplements Packaging

Unbound Unload Pre Workout Overview

So the flavor we were sent was a Grape Lychee flavor which is an interesting flavor we haven't seen before. Bowmar Nutrition has a Lychee flavored Pre workout, but I've never seen a Grape Lychee, we'll get into the flavor a bit later. 

So Unbound Supps has a Stim Pre Workout, and more of a Pump Pre Workout, Unload seems to be the Stim Pre. Now at first glance the first thing we noticed is this formula is packed with patented branded ingredients, we have NOOLVL, RHODIOPRIME, ZUMXR, Zynamite, and AstraGin. This formula is completely transparent, no nasty proprietary blends here so we know exactly what's in Unload and how it's dosed, and it doesn't disappoint. They also list the calories which pre workouts aren't required to do and which most don't, Unload contains only 10 calories. 

Beyond that we have some B Vitamins, 3000mg of Tyrosine, 1600mg of nooLVL a patented branded Arginine Silicate, along with 600mg of Alpha GPC, 500mg Zynamite, and a pretty stim heavy 350mg of caffeine. In addition to that we have 300mg RhodioPrime, 300mg enXtra which yields 100mg of delayed release caffeine so all in all it looks like we have 450mg of caffeine. They finish it off with 139mg of AstraGin, 50mg Rauwolscine, 2mg Yohimbine, and 200mcg of Huperzine A. 

While Unbound Unload does not contain any DMHA, it most definitely isn't slacking in the stim department with 450mg of caffeine plus Yohimbine

Unbound Unload Pre-Workout Ingredients

Is Unbound Unload Pre Workout Any Good?

So taste is always secondary to the ingredients and the effects, but I gotta say I'm loving the Grape Lychee flavor. Not only is the flavor spot on, but it's a unique flavor I haven't tried before in a pre workout let alone any supplements. As far as the formula and how well it works. I started off with 20 minutes on the treadmill to get warmed up, then moved on to arms and shoulders, finished up with some ab workouts, and then hopped on the elliptical as a cool down. 

I love the fact they included the 350mg of caffeine anhydrous to provide some intense fast acting energy, however they also have the branded zumXR delayed release caffeine to keep that clean energy going and make sure you don't start slacking until the end of your workout. The Tyrosine and Alpha GPC seemed to level out the stims so I wasn't feeling jittery or anxous at all and had great focus and a solid mind/muscle connection throughout the entire workout. 

Now I was a huge fan of this formula, there wasn't much of a pump, but I personally don't really like when a pre workout tries to be everything in one formula, I find it more versatile having a pump pre workout and a separt stim pre workout, so if you're looking for a pump stack this with the Unbound Unbent Pump Formula, but we'll save that for tomorrows workout.

Overall I was really impressed with the Unload Pre Workout. It was a good amount of energy without being too crazy, it kept me going throughout my entire workout, and I loved the focus it gave. I imagine myself and everyone here at the office will be tearing through this pre workout so hopefully they start shipping out product for sale very soon. 

Unbound Unload 20 Servings


Unbound Unload Pre Workout 20 Servings Unbound just made waves with their incredibly unique brand reveal. Unbound Supplements is a high end supplement brand and a sister company to NutraBio. Unbound Unload is the brands stimulant fueled pre workout supplement which aims to provide users with power, energy, and focus to breeze through even their toughest workouts. If you're looking for an awesome pump in addition to some clean long lasting energy consider stacking Unload with Unbent Unbound Unloa ...

May 20th 2023

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