ZHOU Announces Gut Guru an All New Probiotic Gummy

ZHOU Announces Gut Guru an All New Probiotic Gummy
ZHOU Gut Guru

ZHOU Nutrition is a brand which we began carrying sometime last year. ZHOU is especially well known for their women's hormone and beauty supplements, as well as putting out high quality supplements geared towards improving one's overall health and wellness. We currently carry a number of ZHOU products including HairFluence, Vitamin C, Keto Drive, and one of my personal favorites a Nootropic Formula called Neuro-Peak. 

ZHOU Nutrition recently announced an all new addition to their supplement line. The all new offering from ZHOU is called Gutu Guru and is a Probiotic and PreBiotic Fiber supplement which aims to support gut health and digestion in the form of a tasty gummy. 

ZHOU Gut Guru will feature two main active ingredients including 20mg of Probiotic LactoSpore which provides 2 Billion CFU's along with Prebiotic Chicory Root Fiber which provides 3 grams. Each serving size of Gut Guru is two tasty blue raspberry gummy's, and it comes with 60 gummies per bottle giving you a 30 day supply in each bottle.

If you're someone who struggles swallowing pills but still wants to get your probiotics be sure to grab yourself a bottle of ZHOU Gut Guru. 

May 20th 2023

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