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Ward Hockey Smelling Salt 32 Grams

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Ward Hockey Smelling Salt 32 Grams | Specially Formulated Cold Weather Smelling Salts

Smelling salts are ammonia laced salt which when sniffed or inhaled help to stimulate the body's nervous system. Smelling Salts are commonly used by Powerlifters just prior to a heavy lift, as well as used by trainers and coaches on players. When inhaled smelling salts cause your breathing rate to increase, increase the heart rate, and increase alertness. Ward's Hockey Smelling Salt was specially formulated to not lose potency in cold weather. In order for the reaction to take place with smelling salts and water, it typically needs to occur at room temperature. Because Hockey is played either outdoors or in cold indoor skating rinks smelling salts will typically lose efficiency. Not the case with Ward Hockey Smelling Salt, this formula was specifically crafted to work in cold weather conditions. 

Ward Hockey Smelling Salt Highlights & Benefits

  • Powerful Ammonia Inhalant Smelling Salts
  • Specially Formulated to Work in Cold Weather
  • Won't Lose Potency Even in the Coldest Weather
  • Causes Breathing Rate to Increase Dramatically
  • Increases Heart Rate
  • Increases Alertness


Add 1 teaspoon of water using included spoon. Close lid tightly and shake well. Uncap and snif. Keep lid tightly sealed when not in use. This bottle only requires activation once. 

Ward Hockey Smelling Salt 32 Grams Ingredients & Supplement Facts

See on bottle.

Warnings & Side Effects

Keep away from children. Do not use if allergic or pregnant. Keep at least 6 inches away from your nose. 


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