HUGE Supplements Wrecked Pre-Workout Review

HUGE Supplements Wrecked Pre-Workout Review
Wrecked Preworkout

One of the hottest New Pre-Workouts of the past few months has been HUGE Supplements Wrecked Pre-Workout. We managed to get our hands on a tub and have been using it this past week, so in today's post we're going to be giving an overview of the Wrecked Pre-Workout, a Review, and tell you about our experience using it. So in the Pre-Workout category of supplements these days the trend seems to be to make your preworkout as extreme and high stim as possible which typically involves huge amounts of caffeine and generally DMHA. While I'm a huge fan of DMHA as an ingredient and DMHA preworkouts, it almost seems as if a preworkout that doesn't contain DMHA these days is considered "weak". Wrecked Pre-Workout turns that concept on it's head as Wrecked does not contain DMHA or huge amounts of caffeine, however it still manages to deliver a sufficient amount of energy,  and incredible focus and pumps with huge dosages of pump ingredients like Citrulline, Glycerol, Betaine and Himalayan Pink Sea Salt along with hefty dosages of Nootropics like Alpha GPC, Tyrosine, and Lion's Mane, and a hefty 250mg dose of Eria Jarensis to promote insane motivation and a great mood boost. In today's post we'll be doing an overview of the ingredients as well as sharing our experience using Wrecked Pre-Workout. 


Huge Supplements has been around since 2019 and is a company who puts out high quality potent supplements which are well formulated and made with only the highest quality ingredients. They formulated Wrecked Preworkout suing 17 highly effective ingredients to help boost your workout and athletic performance by giving you more energy, more endurance, a sick muscle pump, and mind muscle connection like you've never experienced before. Wrecked Preworkout again packsin 17 clinically dosed ingredients which comes out to over 30 grams per serving. 

Wrecked Preworkout Ingredients & Supplement Facts

So at first glance Wrecked Pre-Workout has a pretty long list of ingredients and a pretty impressive ingredient profile. Not just that, the ingredients selected are all great ingredients, each of which serve a specific purpose providing users with increased muscle fullness, improved strength, improved focus, and a motivation to help you make it to the gym and stay engaged while you're there. 

In the area of pumps, we've got a whopping 8000mg of L-Ciutrlline, 4000mg of HydroMax branded Glycerol, 3500mg of Betaine Anhydrous, and 1500mg of Agmatine. And for good measure if that didn't provide enough of a pump they've also added 196mg of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt which gives a nice pump and is quickly becoming a popular addition to most preworkouts on the market. 

As far as energy goes Wrecked only contains 350mg of caffeine, 250mg of that being Caffeine Anhydrous and 100mg being Di-Caffeine Malate. On paper that doesn't seem like a ton of stimulants, however when paired with the Nootropics in here like 600mg of Alpha GPC, 600mg of Lion's Mane, and 150mg of Theobromine, the combination of the hefty doses of Nootropics with the caffeine really makes you focused, alert, and gives you a good amount of energy without having that over the top stimmed out feeling many of the ultra high stim preworkouts have. One of my favorite aspects of this preworkout is the 250mg of Eria Jarensis. Not only is Eria Jarensis a stimulant, but it's most noticeable effect is a huge boost of motivation, a boost of your mood, and many people even describe it as a euphoric feeling. 

While many preworkouts stand out in one area ie energy, pumps, focus, mood, Wrecked has done a good job at hitting them all and is a very well rounded preworkout with what seems to be just the right amount of energy without being too much. Another perk of this formula is I find I can take it later in the day without it causing any troubles sleeping later in the evening, where as many DMHA or super high caffeine preworkouts will keep me up at night.


So all this week thus far I've been using Wrecked Pre-Workout. Upon taking Wrecked Pre-Workout the first thing I notice and most noticeable aspect of this preworkout is the enhanced focus. Wrecked is packed with Nootropics and even before I feel the caffeine kick in, I can very quickly feel the enhanced focus, concentration, and just an overall boost in cognitive function. Shortly after that the Eria Jarensis starts kicking in, even on a couple days when I was a bit tired and wasn't super enthused about having to go to the gym, within about 20 minutes of taking Wrecked while driving to the gym I was already read and excited about my upcoming workout. The energy levels of Wrecked are not over the top, but enough to give you a boost of energy without leaving you feeling stimmed out, and once the workout starts, you'll feel and notice visually a nice pump in your biceps, chest and shoulders. Unlike a lot of preworkouts which begin fading before your workout is done, Wrecked kept me going for the entire hour and a half or so I spent at the gym each day this week. Overall Wrecked is a solid preworkout in all areas and would be a great option for those looking for a "lower" stim preworkout or a non-DMHA preworkout supplement. 


The social media site and forum Reddit tends to have a lot of active supplement and sports nutrition Sub-Reddits so we headed over to Reddit to see what Redditors have to say about Huge Supplements Wrecked Pre-Workout...


Wrecked so far has been pretty dang solid for me. It’s a great high stim daily driver.


Wrecked Extreme has been sold out for the better part of the month sadly... Been wanting to get more.


As of the past year or two it seems like most of the popular preworkouts everyone is talking about are just trying to pack in as many stims as possible, I love Wrecked, it's near perfection, good energy but much more of a focus on the pump and focus which I love. 





So currently it appears that HUGE Supplements only sells their products direct to consumer, it doesn't appear that the the company sells to retail partners or brick and mortar stores, so at this time the only place to buy Wrecked is directly from HugeSupplements.Com. If this changes we'll likely be carrying Wrecked Pre-Workout in the future. If you'd like to checkout some of our Most Popular and Hottest Selling Pre-Workout supplements check them out below...

May 20th 2023

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