Hypermax Extreme Exclusive Flavor Bomb Pop

Hypermax Extreme Exclusive Flavor Bomb Pop

New Announced Flavor - HyperMax Extreme Rocket Bomb

Exclusive Flavor Rocket Bomb

Have you heard the exciting news? Performax Labs is coming out with a brand new flavor of its popular pre-workout HyperMax Extreme! HyperMax Extreme is a high stimulant pre workout that can improve endurance and performance! 

From the pictures, it looks like the new flavor will be Rocket Bomb, a play on rocket pop flavored ice cream you got when you were a kid! Just like the other flavors, Orange Mango and Raspberry Lemonade, HyperMax Extreme Rocket Bomb will also have 40 servings, with Vaso6 and Caffeine. 

The sad thing is that this flavor is only exclusive! Once we know who it is, we will let you know below! 

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May 20th 2023

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