HyperMax Extreme - Performax Labs New Pre Workout

HyperMax Extreme - Performax Labs New Pre Workout


Performax Labs New Pre-Workout

Ever heard of Performax Labs HyperMax? Its one of the best selling pre workouts out there. But now, Performax Labs has announced a newer version of this, making it a stronger and better pre workout. Introducing Performax Labs HyperMax Extreme!

"Extreme" is the key word here. We are assuming that this is the pre workout with more! That means better focus, better performance and even better pumps! 

We do know however, is that Hyper Max Extreme will be 40 servings, having 1 serving being 1 scoop. 

From what they said, one definite flavor is Orange Mango, but there is a possibility of 2 more. And the release date is unknown but we will say around middle January. When it does get released, we will post here! 


Edit: We now have this in! Try it today!

May 20th 2023

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