Lipodrene Comparison Chart

Lipodrene Comparison Chart

Comparing the Different Lipodrene Formulas

Lipodrene Comparison

Here at Best Price Nutrition we receive a lot of questions about the different Lipodrene formulas and we wanted to break down the main ingredients so that you know what ingredient is in what formula. Because Lipodrene is available in 4 main formulas, we have broken those down. Now there is also Lipodrene Hardcore Ephedra Free and Lipodrene Ephedra Free, but they are just about the same as above and as the title states, without ephedra.

Lipodrene Original

Lipodrene Original - As it states, this is the original formula. Still the most popular out of all of them. This has everything you want from the product from DMHA to Ephedra and more. We recommend the original for those starting out taking ephedra and dmha. It is going to be strongest than any competitor fat burner, but not as stimulant heavy as some of the other formulas from Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals. Customers get great results from it and sometimes never step up to the next level because this one works so well for them. Because of the strength, we recommend that you start with one tablet with food to see how well you do. Once your tolerance has been accessed, you can take up to 3 tablets in a day. Buy for $34.95 + Free Shipping

Lipodrene Hardcore

Lipodrene Hardcore - this is the hardcore version. Why is it hardcore? Doesn't it have all the same stimulants? Yes, but in higher doses. This is one you are really going to feel hit you. If you like that warm like that cracked out sort of feeling...Hardcore is the one to go with. It's for the stimulant junkies out there. Many of our customers love to take the hardcore formula pre-workout instead of a pre-workout supplement. They just stack it with a non-stimulant "pump" supplement and get the best workouts of their life. You can take 2-3 tablets per day. And like all the other formulas, especially this one, we recommend you begin with just 1 tablet to see how well you feel on it. Once you know, you can choose to move up the dosage. Buy for $34.95 + Free Shipping

Lipodrene Xtreme

Lipodrene Xtreme - So why is this "extreme" if it doesn't have ephedra in it? Because they upped the dosage on everything else! Many customers wanted a strong energy aid and fat burner, but without the ephedra. This is it! They increased the Acacia, the caffeine and the 1,3 DMAA over the original. Now, the new formula has come out with NO DMAA, but replaced with DMHA. You will be feeling a huge burst of energy from taking Xtreme. We would recommend only taking it if you don't want ephedra or you want to step it up from the original Lipodrene. And like the others, this is a very strong formula, so start with only 1 tablet to access your tolerance and then you can move up to taking 2-3 per day.

Lipodrene Elite

Lipodrene Elite - This is the newest formula released by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals. It is the first fat burner to use coca leaves...yes you heard right, coca leaves. Now this is a pretty unique formula as it doesn't have ephedra, but is the only one to have this new compound promising weight loss and tons of energy. We recommend to anyone that hasn't got the results they want from the other formulas or wants to try something a little revolutionary and cutting edge. Most customers taking this said they love the hours of energy they get from it. And like the other formulas, because it is still very strong, start with just one tablet and then move up to taking 2-3 per day. Buy for $34.95 + Free Shipping

May 20th 2023

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