Over Three Quarters of Americans Have Gained 16 Pounds During Quarantine

Over Three Quarters of Americans Have Gained 16 Pounds During Quarantine

Normally Spring time is referred to as "Cutting Season", a time of year when people who've been bulking up over the winter are working hard to cut weight and get their beach bods and bikini figures back. This year however Spring turned into Coronavirus Lockdown season. 

Whether it was due to grocery store shortages making it difficult to find good healthy foods, or depression or boredom from lockdown causing people to overeat, we recently learned of a disturbing statistic.

According to Nutrisystem who recently surveyed 2,000 adults, they found that 76% of those surveyed reported having gained up to 16 pounds during quarantine. Sixty three percent of those surveyed said instead of working on getting that summer body, this year they are trying to lose the lockdown 15. 

If you're someone who put on the Corona 15, besides just letting you know alone and you're in good company, we figured we'd take a minute to share with you 5 small steps you can take to lose weight while you're stuck at home.

Get Moving

This shouldn't come as a surprise to you, when you move you burn calories. Movement and being active is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight. Even if your gym is still closed you can start going for a daily walk, start doing yoga around the house, or pull Youtube up on your browser and find some good 15 or 20 minute exercise routines you can do around the house. If you have a gym membership there's also a very good chance they are offering some type of remote workouts. 

Drink Water

Stay hydrated and drink more water. Most Americans do not consume enough water each day. Simply drinking more water is a great way to kickstart a new health routine and new eating patterns. Being under hydrated can lead to overeating and low energy, both of which aren't good for your weight loss goals. 

Eat More Fiber

Even if you were to do nothing else, which we wouldn't suggest, but even if you were to do nothing else but add more fiber to your diet, chances are you'd wind up losing some weight. Eating more fiber has been proven to help with weight loss, and it also makes you feel full longer making you less prone to overeating. You can add more fiber to your diet by eating more fruits and vegetables. Beans and legumes are also a great way to get more fiber in your diet. If you're looking for a tastier way to add some fiber to your diet try our Smart Sweets Gummies which are incredibly tasty and pack 28 grams of fiber per bag. 

Stop Eating Late

Try to have most of your meals before 7PM. Quarantine and lockdown has affected people's work schedules, school schedules, and thrown off everyone's routine. Now that many of us aren't having to wake up early for work or school we tend to eat later and stay up later. Try to eat your evening meal earlier so your body is better able to digest it which is key to healthy weight management. 

Get More Sleep

While some of those among us are probably sleeping too much and could use some more activity in our lives, sleep is also something which is incredibly important to overall health and weight management. Doing some simple things like being more active, eating earlier in the evening, getting more fiber into your diet, and getting an adaquete amount of sleep can do amazing things for your overall health, as well as for your weight loss goals. If you're someone who has trouble sleeping or struggles with insomnia you may want to give Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Somatomax a try, our customers swear by it and it helps many people both fall asleep and stay asleep.


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May 20th 2023

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