Performax Labs Hypermax Extreme Exclusive Flavor - Rocket Bomb!

Performax Labs Hypermax Extreme Exclusive Flavor - Rocket Bomb!

If you keep up with our Blog here at BestPriceNutrition.Com, you may have read our post from earlier in the week about how Performax had announced their all new flavor Rocket Bomb. They had announced the new flavor, as well as the fact it would be exclusive to a select retailer.

We're excited to announce we are that select retailer. You can now pre-order the all new Rocket Bomb flavor here today. We're expecting it in on May 23, so just a few days away. Be the first to try out this awesome new flavor.

Whether you're already a fan of this pre-workout, or whether you're current pre-workout isn't cutting it, and your looking for a more powerful, high stim pre-workout, give Hypermax Extreme's New Rocket Bomb flavor a try!

Performax Labs Hypermax Extreme


Extreme Pre Workout - Performax Labs Hypermax Extreme Rocket Bomb Hypermax Extreme Flavor is on PRE-ORDER sale only! Ships out 23rd! Performax Hypermax has been replaced with Hypermax Extreme! This is the new and improved formula and is much stronger. Are you a veteran bodybuilder that's used to supplements and want to bump it up even more? Maybe you are looking for a brand new pre workout? This pre workout is backed up by science to boost performance, build endurance, and increase blood flow so ...

May 20th 2023

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