The Guerrilla Chemist Pre Workout - Chemix

The Guerrilla Chemist Pre Workout - Chemix

New Pre Workout - Chemix From Guerrilla Chemist

Science Backed Up Pre Workout

Have you heard the great news? The Guerrilla Chemist has released its products! And now we carry them! Unleash the power of a high stim pre workout backed up by science! Here is the ultimate Chemix Pre Workout! 

But what is Chemix Pre Workout? This is a science based pre workout with tonics, elixirs, and enhancements to boost your performance and give you intense energy! 

The Guerrilla Chemist Chemix comes in two fun flavors: Guerrilla Juice and Citrus Cooler. And the cool thing about Chemix is that its made with mushroom extracts that work! You get extracts from Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, and even Reishi. On top of that, you can pumps from GlycerPump and energy from Caffeine!

This is the ultimate pre workout and we have it! Go check it out today! 

May 20th 2023

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