Top 10 Test Boosters For 2023

Top 10 Test Boosters For 2023
Best Testosterone Booster 2022

Testosterone Boosting Supplements or Test Boosters as they're often referred to are one of the most popular categories of supplements among men. After all, the male sex hormone testosterone controls everything from our moods, to our libido and sex drive, our energy levels and our ability to build muscle, all things which are important to guys, so it's no wonder test boosters are popular. Maybe you're looking to give your testosterone levels a boost, or maybe you've tried making lifestyle changes such as eating cleaner, eating plenty of healthy fats, cutting down on smoking and drinking, and getting plenty of sleep, but you're still not seeing the boost in your testosterone levels you had hoped for, so now you're looking to supplementation to give yourself and your test levels a boost.

When it comes to testosterone boosting supplements we typically have supplements which are blends of a number of ingredients, supplements such as Metabolic Nutrition's MetaTest or Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Testosterone 21 or Testovite. These supplements bring together vitamins and minerals along with adaptogens and other ingredients like Tongkat Ali, Ashwagandha, Fenegreek and Tribulus to help boost testosterone levels. These can be very effective, but also tend to be on the expensive side. Then we also have single ingredient test boosters which would include ingredients like Tongkat Ali, Fenegreek, Tribulus, and others. 

Over the past year or two we've seen a number of great test boosting blends hit the market, and more sports nutrition companies have begun rolling out single ingredient test boosting ingredients giving us a lot more options out there to help naturally boost our testosterone levels. So in today's post we're going to look at the Top 10 Test Boosting Supplements of 2023. This comprehensive list will include single ingredients like Tongkat Ali which can be very effective and more budget friendly options, as well as blends like USP Labs Pink Magic, Hi-Tech's Testosterone 21, and Metabolic Nutrition's Metatest. Before we get into the list we'll talk a little bit about testosterone, what is testosterone, what are some natural ways to boost testosterone and what are some lifestyle or diet things you're doing which is not helping you to raise your testosterone levels.


Testosterone is a steroid hormone which helps to stimulate the development of male secondary sexual characteristics and which is produced in the testes. Testosterone helps to regulate sex drive, bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, and the production of red blood cells and sperm. Men who have high levels of testosterone will typically have high levels of facial and body hair, increased aggression, increased sex drive or libido and increased fertility. These men will also notice they have higher energy levels, increased confidence, and an easier ability to build muscle. 


While supplements can help, there's plenty of natural ways to boost your testosterone levels. These methods include things like staying active, working out, and lifting weights, it's also believed that lifting heavy, particularly lifting heavy with your legs can help to boost testosterone levels naturally. When it comes to diets these days a lot of men are opting for low carb or low fat diets, however both carbs and fats are required to produce testosterone so eating plenty of protein, fat, and carbs is helpful in boosting your testosterone levels. One of the worst things for high test levels is stress and high cortisol levels so minimizing stress and in turn minimizing cortisol levels is helpful if you're trying to boost your test levels, this is also why Ashwagandha is such a popular supplement because it helps users to not only relax but better deal with stress and in turn lower cortisol. A few other things men can do to naturally boost testosterone levels is to either get some sun or to take a Vitamin D supplement, and to get plenty of rest and high quality sleep. 


There are foods which can help men to naturally boost their testosterone levels along with lifestyle changes like lowering stress levels and getting plenty of sleep. Some of these foods include fatty fish like salmon and sardines which are rich in nutrients such as Vitamin D, Zinc, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids which are helpful for hormonal health. Dark Leafy Greens which include magnesium and minerals are also good to eat as are cocoa products which are also high in magnesium and antioxidants. A few other foods that can be helpful in boosting test levels include avocados for boron, eggs for selenium and healthy fats, berries cherries and pomegranates for flavonoids and antioxidants, and shellfish for zinc, selenium and Omega 3's. 


Testosterone 21 is one of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals newest products and newest test boosters. Prior to Testosterone 21 rolling out I was a big fan of Hi-Tech's Tongkat Ali and still am for a single ingrdient test booster, however for just another $15 or so you get the same dosage of Tongkat Ali, the number one test boosting ingredient, along with 1200mg of Fadogia Agrestis, 600mg of the Premium Patented and Branded KSM66 Ashwagandha, and 50mg of Zinc. For those of you who are fans of Fitness Influencers and Podcasters like Joe Rogan, Andrew Huberman, and people like Derek of More Plates More Dates, you likely have heard them talking about this ingredient combination. Andrew Huberman spoke on the Joe Rogan Podcast about how these ingredients together have the potential to boost testosterone levels of 300 up to 700 or even 800. Hi-Tech's Testosterone 21 comes in at a relatively low price point for a test booster and features some of the best test boosting ingredients on the market. 

USP Labs Pink Magic is a test booster but also a very versatile supplement, it's both a test booster and a muscle building supplement and it's often used by Prohormone users as a PCT or post cycle therapy as well due to it's ability to boost and regulate testosterone levels. Pink Magic features a fully transparent formula and no proprietary blends meaning we know exactly what's in it and the dosages and it also features a number of ingredients clinically proven to boost testosterone, increase libido and spur on muscle growth. The formula features ingredients like Eucommia Ulmoides, Tribulus Terrestris, Fenegreek, Maca, and even muscle builders like Turkesterone, Epiandrosterone and Laxogenin. 

If you're looking for a budget friendly test boosting supplement it doesn't get much better than Now Foods TestoJack 300. Now Foods makes several variations of their TestoJack, they have a TestoJack 100 which features 100mg of Tongkat Ali, a TestoJack 200 which features 200mg of Tongkat Ali, this one we're recommending TestoJack 300 which features 300mg of Tongkat Al. They also have a second version of TestoJack200 which features 200mg of Tongkat Ali along with a blend of other test boosting ingredients like Maca. So typically the recommended dosage of Tongkat Ali is 400mg, so while TestoJack 300 comes up a little short on the dosages, it comes in at the bargain price of $19.99 for a 60 capsule bottle and users could opt to take 2 capsules per day. Up until recently there wasn't a ton of options out there for Tongkat Ali supplemetns so Now Foods TestoJack 300 was always the first one we'd recommend to customers and even though we have more options on the market these days for Tongkat Ali single ingredient supplements and blends this one is a quality Tongkat Ali supplement, effective, and comes in at a fantastic price point. 

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is a trusted brand, a brand who tests their raw ingredients and their supplements, and a brand who can be relied upon, so we were excited a few months back when Hi-Tech rolled out their very own Tongkat Ali supplement. Hi-Tech Tongkat Ali contains 400mg Longjack which is the recommended dosage, they also use a Premium Patented and branded version of Tongkat Ali called Tongkat Ali TK100, and as is the case with most of Hi-Tech's supplements, it features the brands patented Cyclosome Delivery for enhanced absorption and bioavailability meaning you're going to absorb and your body is going to be able to use as much as possible. Hi-Tech's Tongkat Ali also comes in quite a bit cheaper than most test boosting blended supplements. 

Metabolic Nutrition's MetaTest is a customer favorite in our brick and mortar stores and it aims to help optimize testosterone levels, increase lean muscle mass and strength, and to boost energy levels and libido. MetaTest contains tried and true test boosting ingredients like Vitamin D, Zinc, D-Aspartic Acid, Fenegreek, Tribulus, and more. If you're looking for a solid test booster from a reputable brand you can't go wrong with Metabolic Nutrition's MetaTest.

So we're going to circle back to another Now Foods product with Now Foods TestoJack 200 Extra Strength Male Performance Formula. Unlikes TestoJack 300 which features a single ingredient ie Tongkat Ali, TestoJack 200 Extra Strength is actually a blend which features 250mg Tongkat Ali along with another 50mg of the Premium Branded LJ100 Tongkat Ali. It also contains other test boosting ingredients like 250mg of Triblulus Terrestris, 808mg of ZMA, 9mg of Zing, and B Vitamins and Magnesium. While it comes in at a slightly higher price point than TestoJack 300 it's still only $27.99 which is a bargain for a test booster. 

Next on our list of Top 10 Test Boosters for 2023 is another one from Hi-Tech, Hi Tech's Testovite a Multivitain with a focus on boosting test and one which supports boosted testosterone levels, improved performance, and a boost in libido. The formula behind Testovite features an assortment of Vitamins and Minerals as you'd expect from a multivitamin along with a 1931mg Testosterone and Libido Elevating blend which features the likes of Tribulus Terestris, Fenegreek, Maca, Tongkat Ali, and even Turkesterone. This is a multivitamin which should support improved muscle building and testosterone levels and like most Hi-Tech Pharma supplements also features the brands Cyclosome Delivery to make sure you get the most out of these ingredients. 

Another fantastic test boosting supplement which often flies under the radar is Competitive Edge Labs M-Test, the Hardcore Testosterone Booster. This one comes in at a pretty low price point, especially considering how packed with test boosting ingredients it is. M-Test features 1200mg of Fadogia Agrestis, almost 700mg of the Premium KSM-66 Ashagandha, a whopping 500mg of Tongkat Ali, 200mg of Boron which is incredibly important to male health and testosterone levels and 100mg of Mucuna Pruriens. This is one of the most comprehensive and well dosed test boosters on the market using clinically backed ingredients and it comes in at a very low price point for a premium test booster. 

A longtime popular Test Boosting Supplement is PJ Braun and Blackstone Labs Apex Male which aims to boost test, increase libido, help you put on muscle mass and boost mood and endurance. Apex Male does feature a proprietary blend which is something a lot of brands are getting away from, but it's a pretty hefty blend of 2760mg of ingredients like Prolensis, Vitamin D, Dim, Fenegreek, Maca and much more. This is a longtime favorite test booster and our customers as well as Blackstone Labs fans seem to love it. 

Enhanced Black Ox 240 Capsules


Last but certainly not least is Enhanced Labs Black Ox which is the test booster I'm currently taking and one which I'm a huge fan of. Enhanced Black Ox is a test booster, lean muscle builder, and even a PCT all in one supplement and it features an impressive formula and hefty dosages of ingredients. Black Ox features 1000mg of Fenegreek, 1000mg of Fadogia, 300mg of Tongkat Ali, and a host of other ingredients to boost libido, help boost test and build muscle. 

May 20th 2023

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